New Occupation Definition in OTPF-4 (Occupational Therapy Practice Framework)

Occupation Definition OTPF-4

Occupation Definition Update See our blog post on other changes and updates in the OTPF-4. OTPF-3 Occupation – Daily life activities in which people engage. Occupations occur in context and are influenced by the interplay among client factors, performance skills, and performance patterns. Occupations occur over time; have purpose, meaning, and perceived utility to the … Read more

OTPF-4 Update – Changes and What’s New for Occupational Therapy’s Practice Framework

OTPF-4 Update

Just like you were able with the OTPF 3, you can get a hold of the OTPF-4 from AOTA’s American Journal of Occupational Therapy as an article if you are a member or as a separate book purchase from their store. You can read about the changes in the OTPF in the first few secion … Read more