Personal Factors as Context | Occupational Therapy

When we think about context, the environment often comes to mind first. However, the personal context is also another thing that we should consider for our clients. In the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (OTPF-4), context is “a broad construct defined as the environmental and personal factors specific to each client (person, group, population) that influence … Read more

Occupation vs Activity – Occupational Therapy Definitions Explained

“Words are time bound.” What are the definitions of occupation and activity? What about purposeful activity? What are the similarities and differences between them? Can these words be used interchangeably? Why should we even bother with understanding the history, definitions, purpose, and usage trends of each word? After reading this post, you will have a … Read more

When Advocacy is a Conflict in Occupational Therapy

You hear about advocacy a lot in occupational therapy these days. Every OT month on social media, OT students and practitioners participating in the ABC’s of OT challenge post “advocacy” for the letter A on the first day. But what exactly is advocacy? How is it defined? Definition Advocacy appears in the Occupational Therapy Practice … Read more