Alternative Outcome Measures (with Examples) to Behavioral Reward-Based Approach in School Occupational Therapy

Why Not Behavioral in School In a recent blog post, I discussed the limitations of the rewards-based behavioral approach commonly used in schools. I highlight how relying solely on external incentives can have negative effects, such as a short-term focus, dependency on rewards, diminished interest in learning, unrealistic expectations, competition, narrow task focus, and a … Read more

Alternative to Modified Ashworth Scale for Spasticity

The Modified Ashworth Scale (or the original version) are the most popular and common way used by therapists and physicians to measure spasticity. This ordinal scale is a simple clinical way to measure resistance to passive stretch. However, it is limited by the measurer’s subjective experience and is considered to have poor inter-rater reliability.((Alibiglou L, … Read more

Assessment to Use for the Acceptance of Pain | Occupational Therapy

Pain Acceptance One of the ways to help patients manage their pain is to assess for their acceptance of pain. Chronic pain acceptance involves experiencing the ongoing pain without psychological or physical attempts to avoid, reduce, or control it.((McCracken LM, Carson JW, Eccleston C, Keefe FJ. Acceptance and change in the context of chronic pain. … Read more