Father Child Play Research for Occupational Therapy

Introduction AJOT published an article titled ‘Understanding Father–Child Joint Play Experience Using a Convergent Mixed-Methods Design’ which researched how fathers perceive their play experience with their child and its contribution to children’s development. As a father and primary caregiver of a toddler myself, this research really piqued my interest. Not surprisingly, research looking into play … Read more

What is Functional Play? – Occupational Therapy for Pediatrics

Children engage in learning through play. Occupational therapists consider play to be essential to a child’s growth and development. There are many types of play you may be familiar with already: parallel play, pretend play, and imaginary play. Functional play is play with a purpose, such as using an item for it’s intended purpose. Examples … Read more

Digital Play vs. Traditional Play for Children

Digital Play vs Traditional Play

Digital play is becoming more popular for children with the expanding library of apps, video games, and technologies. So is digital play bad for children’s development, socialization, and mental health? Is traditional play going extinct or is it here to stay? Importance of Play Occupational therapists often stress the importance of play and playtime in … Read more