Apraxia Made Easy – Ideational vs Ideomotor vs Dressing vs Constructional & More – Occupational Therapy

This article features the most common kinds of apraxia associated with occupational therapy, prognosis, and treatment. About Apraxia Apraxia is a neurological disorder that is characterized by the loss of the ability to carry out skilled movements. There is usually no loss of motivation or physical ability to perform these movements. Dyspraxia is a mild … Read more

Mirror Therapy for Occupational Therapy Stroke Rehabilitation – Latest Evidence-based Practice

Occupational therapists working in stroke rehabilitation may use mirror therapy (MT) as an intervention for managing their symptoms and promoting function. This post will highlight the history of mirror therapy (MT), what it was and is used for, the evidence, and its pros and cons. This post will address each of these factors for the … Read more