Free Therapy Assessment Tools for Stroke

10 Meter Walk Test 2 Minute Walk Test 6 Minute Walk Test ABILHAND Activity Measure for Post Acute Care Apraxia Screen of Tulia Ashworth Scale / Modified Ashworth Scale Balance Evaluation Systems Test Barthel Index / Modified Barthel Index Berg Balance Scale Borg Rating Scale of Perceived Exertion Brunel Balance Assessment Burke Lateropulsion Scale Canadian … Read more

What Does Occupational Therapy Do for Stroke Patients?

Introduction What does occupational therapy do for stroke patients? On the surface, it may not look like a lot. The therapist is helping the client walk, take a shower, or put on clothes. But there is way more that goes on “under the hood” as it appears. Occupational therapists assess for, consider, and provide rehabilitation … Read more

Occupational Therapy One Handed Dressing Techniques (Hemiparesis, Stroke, Amputation)

One Handed Dressing Featured

Instructions are provided in step-by-step sequential order for clients to participate in dressing with one hand. Adaptive equipment may be used to aid with dressing, however, these steps can be completed without them first. Your occupational therapist can help with these dressing techniques and offer additional tips. Be patient and practice. Try different methods if … Read more