Pros and Cons of Pediatric Telehealth Occupational Therapy for Parents

About Telehealth for Pediatric OT Telehealth, or the use of technology to deliver health care remotely, can be an effective way to provide pediatric occupational therapy services. Research has shown that telehealth can be effective in the delivery of occupational therapy services for children.((Önal, G., Güney, G., Gün, F., & Huri, M. (2021). Telehealth in … Read more

Current Trends in Occupational Therapy Practice (2021)

#1 – Telehealth and mHealth 2020 saw a spike in “telehealth” Google search and this is no doubt caused by the pandemic and the initial lockdowns around the world. Notice how after the spike for telehealth, searches for telehealth continue at a new floor just under 25 on the interest over time scale. (A value … Read more

Occupational Therapy Telehealth for Adults with Examples

occupational therapy telehealth adults

Examples of opportunities for telehealth in occupational therapy with adult and older adult population. Consultation General consultation about OT services, referrals, interdisciplinary resources. Post-Discharge Keep in mind #1 is the client’s safety as therapist will be unable to intervene and assist. Caregivers may assist if they are competent. Ideas for occupational therapy telehealth after discharge … Read more

California Governor’s Executive Order Expands Telehealth Services

Governor Gavin Newsom today signed Executive Order N-43-20 expanding protections to medical providers as they increase the use of video chats and similar applications to provide routine and non-emergency medical appointments in an effort to minimize patient exposure to COVID-19. Background We have been covering Telehealth on our blog on and off. With the outbreak of COVID-19, … Read more

Telemedicine CEO pleads guilty to role in $424M Medicare fraud scheme | Phone Scammers And ‘Teledoctors’ Charged With Preying On Seniors In Fraud Case

With telemedicine becoming more popular, medicare fraud targeting this new area has been on the rise. The caller said he was with Medicare. John Ernest didn’t believe him, said “no” to the brace and hung up. He didn’t give out his father’s Medicare number. And yet, not just one, but 13 braces arrived soon afterward … Read more