Occupational Therapy Practice and the History of the Medical Model: A Case for Why OT is Awesome

Recent movements on social media have made claims that occupational therapy as a profession is moving away from the medical model. However, occupational therapy has begun moving away from this model for a long time now. It is not something new. So as a healthcare profession, why did occupational therapy move away from the medical … Read more

Autistic and Neurotypical Valued Occupations Model (ANVOM): A Proposed Model for Occupational Therapy Practice

Purpose The purpose of this article is to propose a model of practice for occupational therapy based on research that includes the voices of those who are Autistic, including Autistic adults with the lived experience of autism combined along with their neurotypical counterparts, e.g., parents, caregivers, and society. Language Based on a majority of the … Read more

Complexity – A Challenge in Occupational Therapy Research

Introduction In general, when research involves humans, it is not as simple to study and attribute variables to an intervention compared to other methods and means such as in the laboratory with laboratory mice. As occupational therapists often highlight and value the importance of the individual and use client-centered approaches, research in the field is … Read more