Gaining a Different Perspective on Coronavirus


If you are fortunate enough to live in an area of the world right now that has not been significantly impacted by the Coronavirus compared to New York, Italy, China, or any of the other surge cities, then keep up the social distancing and proper infection control recommendations.

Remember that the news only shows what they want you to show. We are fortunate enough to have modern technology that allows the sharing of videos instantly and unedited.

It can be easy to forget that those affected by the coronavirus are real people with real stories. Their losses affect those around them including their families, friends, neighbors – communities.

Below is a compilation of videos that have touched me and helped me to gain a different perspective on the coronavirus on the human level – beyond numbers, statistics, science, data, and graphs.

These videos remind me to not let down my guard, to keep social distancing, to keep washing my hands, to keep wearing my masks, and to keep educating those around me and my patients how to fight this disease.

Doctors and Nurses Reveal the Devastating Reality of COVID-19

Chaos. Fear. Dwindling stockpiles of equipment. Impossible choices. Patients dying alone. These are some of the things that health-care professionals describe facing while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Boyfriend Died of COVID-19

As 2019 drew to a close, a young woman, Niuniu, and her fiancée, Tongsheng, looked forward to a bright future. In the spring, as the cherry blossoms fell in Wuhan, the couple would get married. They had started saving up to buy a house. Just a month later, however, their dreams came to a grinding halt.

Hong Kong cage home resident finds space too small for self-quarantine amid coronavirus outbreak

During the Lunar New Year, Hong Kong resident Guo Yongfeng returned to the Chinese mainland to visit his hometown of Harbin, the capital of the northeastern province of Heilongjiang. But the outbreak of Covid-19 on the mainland meant that he was required to spend 14-days in self-quarantine upon his return to Hong Kong. But Guo lives in a cubicle in a subdivided housing unit known as a “cage home”, and found it impossible to completely isolate himself until he managed to get a bed in a government quarantine facility.

A more uplifting and hopeful video:

What Social Distancing Looks Like Across the World

People from more than 30 countries share joyous moments from their lives in coronavirus quarantine.

Stay safe everyone.

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