Sensory-Based Occupational Therapy Interventions for At-Home and Schools

Sensory-based interventions are essential tools in supporting the development and well-being of young children, particularly those with sensory processing challenges. However, the effectiveness of these interventions can be significantly enhanced through creativity. By thinking outside the box and personalizing sensory activities, parents, educators, and occupational therapists can create engaging, enjoyable, and therapeutic experiences that resonate … Read more

Top Tips to Improve Handwriting by an Occupational Therapist

Using this list, try different combinations of these tips. Some may work better than others, some may make your handwriting worse. Everyone is different and had their own unique strengths. While writing left handed can be difficult, many people are able to do it functionally and with less frustration. Should you switch and write with … Read more

Handwriting vs Typing in Child Development and Role of School-Based Occupational Therapy

To write or to type? Or both? There is an ongoing debate and some educators even consider it very controversial to do one or the other. As a parent, which should you focus on first? Both handwriting and typing have their own unique benefits for child development. Handwriting is believed to help with fine motor … Read more

School-Based OT: Past, Present, Future…and a Conference! — OT Dude Podcast

Are you interested in school-based OT as a therapist? In this episode, Alicia Stufoso and Lisa Nye join us as we discuss how school-based OT has changed, what it is currently like, and how we may need to rethink our approach to this setting. Alicia and Lisa maintain private practices as co-owners of Careerfull LLC, an … Read more