60 Tips to Improve Your Documentation as an Occupational Therapist

Documentation in healthcare can be a stressful task for many healthcare providers, as it can take away from the time spent with patients and can feel like a burden. Many healthcare providers feel that they don’t have enough time to complete documentation, as it can take away from the time spent with patients. Some occupational … Read more

Are Occupational Therapists Becoming More Diverse? – Let’s Find Out

Introduction Are Occupational Therapists Becoming More Diverse? Historically, the profession of OT comprised of primarily white female practitioners. With the current movement and trends towards more diversity, how has this changed in the United States? Considering diversity is important because if the demographics of OT practitioners (both OTs and OTAs) do not represent the diversity … Read more

Occupational Therapy 2027 Degree Mandate Clarification

You may have heard or read about occupational therapy moving towards a Doctorate’s degree for occupational therapists and a bachelor’s degree for occupational therapy assistants in 2027. I was under the impression that this was the case too. As this is a controversial issue, it seems that this is no longer the case. Upon further … Read more

States that Require or Don’t Require NBCOT Certification for Occupational Therapy License Renewal | Requirements List

Is NBCOT Renewal Required for Practice? One question that I have and I get asked is whether it is required for you to renew your NBCOT certification in order for states to continue to renew your OT license and to practice as an occupational therapist. For COTAs, there may be more state requirements compared to … Read more