Handwriting vs Typing in Child Development and Role of School-Based Occupational Therapy

To write or to type? Or both? There is an ongoing debate and some educators even consider it very controversial to do one or the other. As a parent, which should you focus on first? Both handwriting and typing have their own unique benefits for child development. Handwriting is believed to help with fine motor … Read more

School-Based OT: Past, Present, Future…and a Conference! — OT Dude Podcast

Are you interested in school-based OT as a therapist? In this episode, Alicia Stufoso and Lisa Nye join us as we discuss how school-based OT has changed, what it is currently like, and how we may need to rethink our approach to this setting. Alicia and Lisa maintain private practices as co-owners of Careerfull LLC, an … Read more

The Value of the Occupational Therapy Profession and the Risks of mHealth and Amateur Advice

This will be a long post, but offer some valuable insight and lessons I have personally learned as well as from what I am seeing from family, friends, and on the Internet recently. One of my good friend’s father is demonstrating signs of late-stage dementia. He asked me if I had any recommendations for bed … Read more