Rule of 8’s Calculator for Productivity

Rule of 8's Productivity Calculator Post

The rule of 8’s can be tricky to learn for new occupational therapy practitioners. In some facilities, it takes 15 minutes minimum for a patient to be seen to generate 1 unit. Then there’s some events like evaluations that generate a specific amount of units, e.g., 3 per evaluation. Go to the Calculator While you … Read more

A New OT Calculator – Manual Muscle Test (MMT)

Manual Muscle Test Calculator Image

I must have overlooked this one or just was not paying attention. While I thought initially, who needs a calculator for MMT? It’s pretty straightforward, right? Thinking back, it wasn’t so easy for me to learn either. It takes some time to wrap your head around the gravity eliminated, the 50%’s, and the plus/minuses. Then … Read more

Function in Sitting Test Calculator


About The function in sitting test is a bedside evaluation of sitting balance – sensory, motor, proactive, reactive, & steady state. Scoring Key 4 = Independent (completes task independently & successfully) 3 = Verbal cues/increased time (completes task independently & successfully and only needs more time/cues) 2 = Upper extremity support (must use UE for … Read more