How to Quickly Size / Select / Choose a Temporary Wheelchair for Occupational Therapy

Purpose A guide for occupational therapists and physical therapists to quickly size and select a wheelchair for your patient in acute care, acute rehab, and skilled nursing facility. What this Guide is NOT This is NOT a guide to selecting a wheelchair for long-term use such as for those with spinal cord injuries, degenerative conditions … Read more

Top Ways to Improve Commodes for Toileting

Let’s talk about commodes Commodes are a wonderful piece of DME for toileting. They can be quite versatile, e.g, 3-in-1, are portable for use by patients in facilities and in the home. Some variations of commodes include drop-arm commodes, bariatric commodes, and technically a rolling shower commode counts as one. In my head, I have … Read more

Sara Stedy Stedy Stedy, Sara STEDY

Sara Stedy Fail E-mail

…Sara Stedy. On another note, the Sara Stedy is a wonderful device. I have used it for toileting, bed transfers, chair transfers, shower transfers, standing balance exercises, and as simulated grab bars. They are super easy to clean and the brakes work really well. One thing I always forget is to leave enough room on … Read more

Occupational Therapy Hospital Bed Guide – Medical Necessity, Insurance, Costs

Hospital Bed Guide

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from referral links you use in this post. Medicare Qualification for Hospital Bed The patient’s condition requires positioning of the body; e.g., to alleviate pain, promote good body alignment, prevent contractures, avoid respiratory infections, in ways not feasible in an ordinary bed; or The patient’s … Read more

Drop Arm Commode and other Bathroom Toilet Shower DME Letter of Medical Necessity for Occupational Therapy

drop arm commode letter medical necessity featured

Drop Arm Commodes Drop arm commodes are much superior to standard 3-in-1 commodes. They allow the arm on each side to drop down to facilitate ease of transfer for squat pivot transfers and slide board transfers. You can’t really do a slide board transfer with a standard commode where the arms are fixed. Hospitals should … Read more