BARS: Easy Tool to Assess for Agitation in Patients for Occupational Therapy

Introduction One way to communicate to other staff a patient’s level of agitation for occupational therapy such as in psychiatric settings like locked units is with an objective scale. A scale like the Behavioral Activity Rating Scale (BARS) can be used to measure agitation and also to help reduce defensive behaviors from staff, which can … Read more

Free Occupational Therapy Assessment Tools by Category

Cognition Kettle Test Short-Blessed Test Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) Glasgow Coma Scale Saint Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS) ADLs AM-PAC 6 Clicks Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) Functional Independence Measure (FIM) Katz Index Modified Barthel Index Routine Task Inventory (RTI) IADLs Lawton-Brody Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) Scale Sleep … Read more

Function in Sitting Test Calculator


About The function in sitting test is a bedside evaluation of sitting balance – sensory, motor, proactive, reactive, & steady state. Scoring Key 4 = Independent (completes task independently & successfully) 3 = Verbal cues/increased time (completes task independently & successfully and only needs more time/cues) 2 = Upper extremity support (must use UE for … Read more