Revised Levels of Assistance for Occupational Therapy – CARE Tool Section GG in Acute Rehab (ARU)

The following apply to the standards of the CARE Tool (Section GG) that replaced the FIM for levels of assistance terminology and their definitions/percentages. See this article for the original values used in settings such as acute care.   CARE 6: Independent — Person completes the activity by himself/herself with no assistance from a helper. … Read more

How to Quickly Size / Select / Choose a Temporary Wheelchair for Occupational Therapy

Purpose A guide for occupational therapists and physical therapists to quickly size and select a wheelchair for your patient in acute care, acute rehab, and skilled nursing facility. What this Guide is NOT This is NOT a guide to selecting a wheelchair for long-term use such as for those with spinal cord injuries, degenerative conditions … Read more

CARE Item Set / Section GG for ARU Inpatient Rehab (vs FIM) Revisited

CARE stands for Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation. Let’s talk about the CARE tool, which can be thought of as the FIM – or functional independence measure replacement in acute rehab or inpatient rehab for occupational therapy. This post will be a general overview of how the CARE tool is different than FIM mainly for … Read more

Strict I & O (I/O) for Occupational Therapy – OT on the Job

Disclosure: I may earn a commission from Amazon for purchases made through the links clicked in this post. Background As an occupational therapist who works in acute care or inpatient rehab (ARU), you may hear the term “Strict I&O”, “Strict I/O”, or “Strict input and output”. Occupational therapists working in this setting should familiarize themselves … Read more