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“This is a great study tool, I feel OT Dude has covered most of the material I need to pass the NBCOT, he is a great instructor. Thanks!”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“This course gives a nice foundation of topics covered in the OT program. By completing each section, I could better identify the areas I needed to study further. I especially appreciated the splinting information due to the limited experience I have on this topic. This is a good course, I cannot believe it did not cost anything. This course engages learners through reading, videos, podcasts, and mini-tests. The references for the materials included are clearly given and there are links to additional information and study material. It is well worth the time to complete for anyone preparing for the NBCOT. Thank you OT Dude and everyone else who makes this course possible.”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“The OT Dude Academy was helpful in my NBCOT studying by providing a wide variety of topics and different study formats (e.g. text, videos, charts) that were detailed but also straight to the point. The quizzes and practice CSTs were a nice component of the course to get in practice for the real exam. Thank you Jeff!!”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“This course was really extensive and made me feel as if I reviewed everything possible for the exam. My only constructive feedback, is I wish the quiz questions were more similar to the NBCOT exam format, they were more ‘yes or no’ and I feel as if after this course, I now need to go to a different resource for actual application questions. ”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“Thank you for your help! This was very beneficial and gave me a great base for a plan to begin studying!”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“I used this course to help supplement my learning with a structured review. I spent about 2 hours each morning for 2 weeks on this course (2 hours a day/5 days a week). Then I would use an hour going over additional reading from my therapyed book/OTMiri videos/NBCOT Phone app for quizzes as well as taking practice quizzes and 3 practice exams. This course as well as my other study materials helped me pass the NBCOT exam on the first try!! Overall I studied for 4 hours daily (5 days a week) for 6 weeks.”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“I enjoyed taking this course and believe it provides good content for brushing up on certain subjects/diagnoses/areas of practice.”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“This course helped me prepare well for my OTR exam. It helped me better understand UE disability, stroke, TBIs, and other important conditions as well as OT’s role.”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“I wanted to say thank you for all the content that you put out. I just recently took the NBCOT exam and found out that I passed!..a few days later (that waiting period is killer). Anywho, the only study material that I used was your prep course. The videos were very helpful, especially the SCI date night video, that one stuck with me. Again, thank you, and I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing as an OT educator!”Evan Hsiao
“Hey everyone, A few of my classmates and I passed our COTA exam last week! Thankfully on the first shot. Thanks to everyone here for the help, and insight. For those wondering what tools I used to study, I did a combination of: The AOTA website-practice sections/quizzes, Pass the OT website, and OT MIRI and OT DUDE on Youtube.”Nick Parker
“Thank you so much for all of these videos! You have no idea how helpful it has been while studying for the OT exam. You have been a great resource because it is more detailed than other resources, but I can easily follow along and not get overwhelmed due to all of the visuals and examples. You articulate examples, and easy ways to remember it, and appreciate all of the videos! I wish you luck on your beta course. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into making quality content! It is so helpful to have detailed and full picture of dx!”J. D.
“THANK YOU!!! I watched almost a hundred videos with my friend to help her be able to put her thigh high compression stockings alone after TKR. All of them showed the patient easily bending the knee to reach the foot. DUH! After knee surgery!? FINALLY! Your bag idea and more importantly the tip about using a STOOL did the trick. She is able to put on her stockings alone now. Thank you!!”L. M.
“Hey man! I found your channel through just a search and am finding your content really helpful 😀 I’m currently in the process of applying to OT schools. Keep up the work!”Justin S.
“You do such a good job covering topics generally while introducing interesting additional topics without leaving the main content. Thank you for these videos!”Noah A.
“[NBCOT Exam Prep Video] literally the best example on YT as of today. clearly explained. great visual mnemonics.”Suzanne D.
“Very helpful course and great addition to other study material!”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“Having too much information is better than not enough. I learned about other interesting conditions that were briefly discussed in school that I would have never thought to inquire about. I felt that I gathered a majority of my studies from this prep course and feel a lot better about taking the nbcot exam.”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“A wonderful addition to your study arsenal when prepping to take the NBCOT!”NBCOT Exam Prep Course Student
“Thank you for all of your help! I feel like I have really improved my application and my personal statement, thanks to you!”T. C.
“I am an OT student about 1/2 way throught my MSOT program. Your website has popped up a couple times when searching various things for school. I have just started summer break and signed up. I am very excited to discover some of your many resources and want to say THANK YOU for providing SO MANY FREE resources! I look forward to taking advantage of your resources and truly appreciate it!

Thank you for taking the time to setup and maintain your website!”Ami P.

“Dude! Where have you been all my life. Definitely would have gotten better grades during the course if you were around back then. Nevertheless, this will definitely help me pass NBCOT so you thank you so much.”Quiana D.
“Hey, I started watching your videos quite recently after watching the video on spinal cord injury levels. I’m currently giving my final exam for my bachelors in occupational therapy, just wanted to come out here and say thank you!”Anonymous Student
“Hi! You don’t know me but I PASSED the NBCOT! Your videos and podcasts have been so helpful to me! I just want to say thank you!!!!!”Anonymous Student
“Hello I watched your OT videos and I want to say thank you for the content that you upload it’s really helpful.”Anonymous Stranger
“Dude! Really happy I’ve found your page. Thank you so much”Anonymous Stranger
“Hello I am an occupational therapist from India. I love all your you tube content, it’s really very informative”Anonymous Student
“Thank you so much for providing us with the free nbcot prep👏👏👏 you’re a life saver for students living off of loans 🥰”Anonymous Student