Smell Retraining for Parosmia and the Loss of Smell from COVID-19 | Occupational Therapy

My family was watching the Cantonese news and they featured a segment from Dr. Sanjay Gupta on smell retraining for parosmia after COVID-19. He suggested that patients try retraining their sense of smell using scents such as essential oils. A research article published earlier this year suggests essential oils with those scents may help a … Read more

Motivational Interviewing for Vaccine Hesitancy (COVID-19) – Occupational Therapy EBP

Introduction I have been thinking for a while about how we can help those who are anti-vax or the vaccine-hesitant to change their mind and be more willing, if not ultimately more receptive and take action to become vaccinated. I am not just talking about COVID-19, but for other diseases for which vaccines have a … Read more

COVID-19 Challenges to Autism (ASD) for Adults – Occupational Therapists Recomendations

Introduction As the omicron variant is on the rise in the US, reports of it affecting the younger population are a concern. Adults with ASD continue to face difficulties in managing their day-to-day life due to factors such as economic instability, job security, mental health, physical health, and overall uncertainty. Here are some ways you … Read more

My COVID-19 PTSD & Stories

As my wife has just left to do a 2nd COVID-19 test, my anxiety has shot up again. The last time this happened, I was at work and it was bad news. We ended up isolating from each other for weeks. This was when the CDC did not really give clear guidelines and before the … Read more

Where to get Vaccinated for COVID-19 Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

COVID-19 Vaccine

Where to Schedule an Appointment Check with your school, fieldwork coordinator, or fieldwork site. Check with your hospital (insurance) network. Check your local county health website, which may contain a list of vaccination sites. Sometimes other hospitals provide vaccinations to patients outside of their network, check hospital websites such as Kaiser, Sutter, or whichever is … Read more

Top Silver Linings to Covid-19 Occupational Therapy

Background COVID-19. There have been many social media posts and articles on the silver linings of COVID-19 and its negative impacts. COVID-19 has had far-reaching effects on humanity and on society, economy, healthcare, public health, culture, politics, technology, religion, mental health, and more. News headlines often focus on the negative – infection rates, death counts, … Read more

Benefits for Occupational Therapist Workers Impacted by COVID-19

Benefits Occupational Therapist COVID-19

FFCRA for COVID-19 The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) requires certain employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. What is it? A federal act providing up to 80 hours of emergency paid leave that is available immediately to employees … Read more

Occupational Therapy New Grad California Labor Laws and FAQ – COVID-19 Update

Occupational Therapy New Grad California Labor Laws

  Introduction Congratulations on getting hired on your first occupational therapy job! If this is your first time working full time as an occupational therapist, then this post will inform you of the labor laws in California. Each state has its own laws and this post cannot describe all such laws. However, it should give … Read more