Can an Occupational Therapy Student Find Their Own Fieldwork Setting? And Other Fieldwork Issues in Occupational Therapy School

One question that students commonly asked is if they can find their own fieldwork opportunities in occupational therapy school. The answer is it depends. There’s is a continuum of possible answer actually and this depends on the school that you attend. On one end of the spectrum, as shown by this response from ACOTE, some … Read more

Where to get Vaccinated for COVID-19 Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

COVID-19 Vaccine

Where to Schedule an Appointment Check with your school, fieldwork coordinator, or fieldwork site. Check with your hospital (insurance) network. Check your local county health website, which may contain a list of vaccination sites. Sometimes other hospitals provide vaccinations to patients outside of their network, check hospital websites such as Kaiser, Sutter, or whichever is … Read more