Occupational Therapist Guide to Starting an ETSY Shop – Under 15 mins

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This guide does not offer a substitute for professional legal or tax advice. If you have questions about your tax liability or concerns about compliance, please consult your qualified legal, tax, or accounting professional.   Should you start an Etsy shop? Statistics Etsy’s annual revenue in 2019: 818.79m USD Etsy’s annual marketplace revenue in 2019: … Read more

6 First Steps for Starting your Occupational Therapy Business

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Introduction No matter what your business ideas or plans are, the most important thing is to take action. According to the AJOT article, “Wanted: Entrepreneurs in Occupational Therapy“, entrepreneurship in occupational therapy takes on many forms. OT Small Business Types When most people think of starting a small business in occupational therapy, they are likely … Read more

Top Occupational Therapy Entrepreneur Small Business Business Ideas During A Pandemic

Background Some really cool stuff has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. In our earlier blog post, we mentioned 5 profound items that were invented in the Great Depression and why we need OT entrepreneurs. There is never a great time to start a small business or develop your idea than now. This post outlines … Read more

Selling Online Courses – Occupational Therapy Side Hustle

Background A great way to make passive income is to create online courses and sell them online. Online learning has gained a lot of popularity. Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic created an increase in online learning for students. Many instructors that taught in classrooms traditionally were forced to adapt to teaching online. Before, online … Read more