Bedside Screening for Vision – Occupational Therapy

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Vision Evaluation Assessment Screening in Acute Care and Acute Rehab

Vision Assessment Evaluation Featured

Occupational therapists should try to establish a baseline for vision upon admission whenever possible in acute care and acute rehab. OTs can use this battery of visual screens to quickly establish such as baseline to compare to at discharge. If a suspected condition warrants additional assessment, OTs can use a more sensitive and thorough tool … Read more

Visual-Perceptual Hierarchy: Episode 3 – OT Dude Podcast

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Occupational therapists may work with clients who have visual-perceptual deficits. The visual-perceptual hierarchy pyramid can help to intuitively explain our vision and perception from either a top-down or a bottom-up approach. This episode will explain each level of the hierarchy with examples and wrap everything together to explain how occupational therapists can use this model … Read more