May OT Challenge – First Annual #mayOTchallenge with @OTDUDEDOTCOM

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Background Story

This year we had awesome participation for OT Month on social media. There were so many great posts advocating for the OT profession. I had a lot of fun participating in the #ABCsofOT challenge. So why stop there? Let’s do something just as profound in May! That’s how I got the idea to start this #mayOTchallenge.

There is a disconnect between working OT professionals, students, and new grads. Current OTs may not have been keeping up with the latest OT practice. New grads have not developed their clinical skills as practitioners. However, students and new grads have their new knowledge and best research practices and are eager to make a difference. OT professionals have their experience and have learned from their accomplishments and mistakes.

Most students graduate from OT programs in May. With COVID-19, we have all faced different challenges. Many programs have had to adapt and get creative. These new grads will start studying for their boards and enter the profession to become OT colleagues. I have created some resources on this website to help out new grads, as I was a recent one myself. However, we can do much more as a community. Let’s teach each other to grow the profession of occupational therapy. 

The May OT Challenge

The theme for this challenge is “REFLECTION”.

For every day of May, make a post on social media with hashtag #mayOTchallenge and mention @otdudedotcom so I can re-tweet and highlight your posts on IG!

  • Students & New Grads: Reflect daily and make a post to educate us about something you learned in school.
  • OTs: Reflect daily and make a post about something you learned on the job, from a CEU, or any advice to students and new grads.

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  • Educate us about something interesting you learned in school or at your clinical.
  • What up and coming trends do you think will change OT?
  • How have you become a better OT?
  • What workplace or work from home tips have helped you?
  • What is new in research?
  • How can we lead a balanced work and non-work life?
  • How can we advocate for the profession of OT and health and wellness for our local community in the changing healthcare system and recent events such as COVID-19?

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