What is in your OT pockets?

What is in your OT pockets?

I love my scrub pockets.

They are so useful. Sometimes I almost have more things in my pockets than some of our nurses!

Scrub shirt

Chest pocket: pen, post-it notes, alcohol prep wipes (for wiping sunglasses, clean-up for taking manual blood pressures, giving them to nurses who need them to D/C IVs)

Left side pocket: gloves (lots of them), daily caseload/schedule printout, portable pulse-oximeter

Right side pocket: moleskin notebook with all my references, sharpie, dry-erase marker


Left front: nothing!

Left cargo: new socks (almost 100% of the time), toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, oral swab – for ADL’s

Right front: personal cell phone

Right cargo: work phone

That’s it!

Future wishlist

I have been debating keeping a pair of small shears for cutting things like when I was an EMT.

So what is in your OT pockets?

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