OT Dude Occupational Therapy Podcast Guest Request Form

Thank you for being interested in becoming a guest on the OT Dude Podcast!

  • The mission of OT Dude is to increase awareness of the profession of occupational therapy.
  • This podcast is listened to and watched by students, therapists, educators, researchers, healthcare professionals, and the general public.

Evolving Themes for this Podcast

  • Helping our audience to live richer, fuller, more meaningful lives – personally and professionally.
  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What are some stories that our audience would benefit from hearing (personal, professional)?

Topics I am Especially Interested In

Major points for guests who have experience or would like to talk about these topics – in no particular order:

  • Autistic adults with the lived experience
  • Those who failed Fieldwork or the NBCOT and how they eventually passed
  • How to advocate and lobby for OT
  • How to make OT more known and understood by the general public
  • Chronic Pain: anything related, e.g., education, treatment, lived experiences, research
  • Anything mental health: conditions, experiences, struggles, and insights, e.g., as an OT student
  • You are a mental health OT practitioner
  • ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  • Those who have volunteered or held positions at associations, organizations, or clubs, e.g., AOTA, State Associations, WFOT
  • Minorities
  • Male OTs
  • Research, Evidence-Based Practice, Evidence-Informed Practice – bonus points for finding and using a research article (can be your own published work too!)
  • You are a COTA/OTA
  • You are an OT educator or a retired one
  • You are a Healthcare YouTuber
  • Driving & community mobility, loss of driving, assessment, rehabilitation, specialists
  • Rare conditions (mental and/or physical) & non-pharmacological OT treatment
  • Social justice and advocacy
  • LGBTQ+ culture and issues
  • Sex & Sexuality
  • Ethical issues and stories you faced
  • OT overseas outside of the US
  • Team collaboration
  • Personal context
  • Environmental context
  • Pragmatic issues in practice
  • Clinical/professional reasoning, examples of, challenges, advice and tips
  • A day in the life of (pre-OT, student, NBCOT, new grad, content creator, educator, researcher, entrepreneur)
  • Motivation and engagement
  • Emerging practice areas; future OT, e.g., ChatGPT & AI, Telehealth
  • Stigma
  • Stories about failure and overcoming obstacles (OT or not)
  • Therapeutic use of self
  • ADHD
  • Learning disabilities
  • Dementia
  • Cognition and Neuroscience
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Child development
  • Payment systems and insurance
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress and anxiety coping
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Capstone projects, Thesis, Dissertations
  • Trauma, PTSD
  • Teenagers as clients in OT
  • OCD and OCPD
  • Family estrangement & relationships
  • Atypical OT settings and experiences
  • Assistive technology
  • Emerging practice areas
  • Outdated practice interventions that are not evidence-based
  • Aging in place
  • OT (or non-OT) Theory and Frameworks
  • Outcome measures, especially emerging and developing
  • Top-Down vs. Bottom-up
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Burnout
  • OT in popular culture
  • Creative therapies and occupations for therapy, e.g., dance, animal-assisted, VR
  • Interdisciplinary and other professions (SLP, LMFT, Social Work, etc.)
  • Policy and changes
  • Professors and Educators (active or retired)
  • Resources that are out there that people don’t know about
  • Being a mentor or fieldwork educator
  • Traveling OT
  • Continuing education
  • Aha moments/What I learned/Reflection/Personal Growth
  • Deep philosophical topics, e.g., death.
  • General myths and misconceptions
  • Collaborating with OTs (e.g., As a PT/PTA, SLP, RN, MD, Psych, etc.)
  • Or anything that you think our audience would benefit from or be interested in hearing or learning from you.

Of course, almost* any topic is welcome as well so I still encourage you to fill out the form below even if it’s not on the list.

*Topics that are not discussed on this podcast include:

  • Politics
  • Polarizing issues
  • Unethical practices
  • e.g., “AOTA or NBCOT or ACOTE or [OT school] or OT sucks because…”

Overall, this podcast is meant to unite and uplift occupational therapy, its practitioners, and other evidence-based healthcare professions and professionals. Topics and personalities that are not in this spirit will not be considered at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Nervous or Anxious?

I sometimes get nervous myself on my own podcast and especially when I’m a guest on others. I’ve been told even some regular podcast hosts themselves also get a little nervous. It’s a totally common emotion. Probably a protective response or emotion so we don’t embarrass ourselves in public right? Like public speaking.

But here are some reasons why you don’t have to worry too much about being a guest on the show:

  • You will have plenty of time to prepare.
  • You will know the questions ahead of time.
  • You can even script your responses or just refer to your talking points, if you’d like.
  • The main podcast is not live, although some might be in the future (you would know which format it is ahead of time).
  • It is edited by me. I edit out mistakes and extra long silences when you need to think of responses. I edit out some of the filler words if they are distracting, but leave some if they convey meaning.
  • You can restart a thought or sentence if you mess up or blank out.
  • My goal is to edit the recording to make you shine and look/sound like a star. I put a lot of emphasis on quality in the production and editing.
  • I’ve been told that I have a very calm demeanor.
  • The format is totally informal. It’s not an interview, but like a conversation between friends where I try to connect with you and learn your story.

So I highly encourage you to submit a request if you are even a little bit interested in being a guest on the podcast.

How to Be a Guest

Please fill out the form below to get started!

As a guest on the podcast, you will have both your audio and video recording published online.

Feel free also to share this page with a friend if you think they would be a good candidate to be on the show!

If I don’t respond to your request within a few days or longer, it just means that I’m likely backlogged with other projects, work, and personal life stuff. I’ll respond to you either way so no need to submit multiple requests. Thanks for your patience!

Podcast Request Form

Please double-check that your e-mail is correct, especially if you have a .edu address. I have gotten a few incorrectly entered e-mails from students or professors and have been unable to reply because of this and have no way of reaching you. One way to find out your e-mail is to send an e-mail to yourself to see if it goes through or if it bounces.
Please, no marketers or the selling of products/services related to your business at this time as the primary purpose of wanting to be a guest on this podcast. Published research is OK.
e.g., San Francisco, CA (PST)
When can you record with me?
List weekly availability or if you know, you can even list specific dates and times of day.

e.g., M-F after 6PM, Weekends anytime.
What microphone do you plan to use for the recording?
e.g., Blue Yeti, Wired iPhone Mic/Headphones, AirPods, Onboard/Built-in Macbook Mic.

Wired mics are highly preferred, but wireless are accepted as well.
Check the boxes of the equipment & environment that you will have available at the time of our recording.
Tell me about yourself!

Please be specific and include details that you think would be relevant since I am likely learning about you for the first time. Please only share what you are comfortable with the audience knowing.

If you are in healthcare, include things like your background, education, degree, work setting & experiences, certifications, specialties, research publications, books written, podcasts you've been on, where you teach, professional and personal interests, personal hobbies, future career goals, and anything else pertaining to your story that will help me to formulate questions to ask for the podcast.

For guests with a lived experience of mental and/or physical conditions, include relevant details such as your story, diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, treatment team, coping skills, support systems, ups and downs, successes, hobbies (that you feel comfortable with the audience knowing).
What would you be interested in talking about on the podcast? You can be general, but try to be specific as well so that I can come up with better questions to ask you for our listeners. The more time and thought you put into responding to this, the better the production will be.

Think: what would the audience like to hear or find interesting? What can they relate to? What can they learn? What can inspire them?
Can you be found online or on social media? This helps me learn more about you and to come up with more topics to discuss on our upcoming podcast.

Please include some links or usernames for me to check out as well as links and citations for research articles, capstone, and thesis too. Include the platform you are on so I can find you easily, e.g., Instagram: @otdudeofficial

Suggestions: Website/Blog, Linkedin Profile, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts (Host or as a Guest), and YouTube
To help spread the word for future guests, please mention how you found out about this opportunity, e.g., Website, Instagram, Podcast Fan, YouTube, Reddit, Newsletter, Google Search
-Have you ever had any professional licenses suspended or revoked (not just OT but any other licenses and certifications)?
-Are there any current claims against you that may result in potential professional disciplinary action?

Your response will be kept confidential.
Please check box to consent and agree to the recording and distribution of reproduction(s) of your voice, video, image, and performance as part of the OT Dude Podcast. You grant permission to the worldwide rights to reproduce, distribute, and sell your presentation, in whole or in part, in any media, as part of OT Dude content and to license these rights in perpetuity. You grant OT Dude the right to edit and/or transcribe your presentation. You grant OT Dude the right to use your name, photo, biography, and likeness in connection with OT Dude's Podcast and other content.

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to fill this out.
I am very excited to have you as a guest on the show!