Sensory Room at Georgia Aquarium – OT in the Wild

This sensory allows people to take a break from all the sensory stimulation going on at the Georgia Aquarium!

This room, as well as select locations throughout the aquarium include:

-Sensory bags, equipped with noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards and weighted lap pads.

-These bags are available free of charge to all guests who may feel overwhelmed by the environment at the Aquarium’s Information Desk.

-Designated sensory hours with low lighting, limited sounds, and further limited capacity.

-Quiet Zones in galleries

At busy places like these where there is a lot of noise, people, and visual stimuli, it is a welcome addition to help make guests comfortable. Even something like a concussion can cause concussive syndrome and hypersensitivity to stimuli.

I would love to see more accommodations like this pop up in public spaces. Sometimes you just need to take a break and in certain situations where it may be difficult, it can be all you need to recharge.

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