Top Occupational Therapy Podcasts By Category

Top Occupational Therapy Podcasts Featured

Podcasts have become a popular medium for any topic you can think of. Did you know there are occupational therapy podcasts? From pediatrics to adults and geriatrics, mental health, and everything between — there’s probably an occupational therapy podcast out there.

If you are pre-OT and thinking about pursuing occupational therapy as a career, they are definitely worth a listen. Even OT students can benefit from podcasts that help them study. For example, OT Dude has PodQuiz episodes to test your knowledge of subjects before an exam. Many OT podcasts feature guest speakers such as students, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and people doing awesome things like advocacy.

Here is my list of my favorite occupational therapy podcasts by category that is long-running, produces quality content, and entertaining to listen to.

Happy listening!


AOTA’s Podcast

If you are looking to listen to shorter episodes of relevant OT advocacy topics, AOTA’s podcast has you covered. While they are not updated as regularly, the episodes cover the big events like awareness weeks, months, and conferences.


OT 4 Lyfe

Sarah covers a wide range of OT topics from student journeys to mental health to OT money. She is very inspirational. She often has featured guests but once in a while will do monologue episodes and self-reflect on her OT career.


Seniors Flourish

Mandy is well known in the OT community for her Seniors Flourish project. She provides a lot of inspiration, support, and education to the field through her blogs, social media posts, and more. Her podcast covers a wide range of OT topics in adults from sex (yes sex) to the experience of caregivers. If you interested in this population or currently practicing in this population — it is worth a listen.

NBCOT Review

OT Exam Prepper

Miles has recorded some really helpful NBCOT exam review podcasts. I wish I knew about this podcast when I was studying for the exam. Many students highly recommend this podcast and attribute it to their success. Did I mention it is free?


Mind Your OT Business

It’s a real treat to have Laura host and run this show for OT entrepreneurs. OT students do not learn much about starting a business or building their idea and turning it into a reality when they are in school. This podcast features guests such as OTs who are doing great things from running successful private practices to consulting and more. If you are hoping break out of the “traditional” OT job position, then this podcast offers a lot of inspiration and insight into becoming an OTpreneur.

Motivation and Burnout

Burnt Out to Lit Up

Feeling burnt out? Is OT no longer as exciting for you? Look no further than Erika’s podcast which helps and inspired not only occupational therapists but healthcare providers. This is a good recommendation for your healthcare friends too such as nurses and physical therapists.

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