Thera-Band Resistance Level Chart by Color


You may probably be aware that Thera-band comes in different colors. What are the differences between them? This consideration may be important, especially when working with clients who have precautions, restrictions, or limitations in the ability. While you can monitor your clients during therapy, you may also wish to issue them Thera-bands to use on their own. Knowing the weight resistance can help ensure that your clients are using Thera-bands at the just-right challenge.

The Colors

Ordered from lightest/easiest to heaviest/hardest:

  • Yellow (lightest)
  • Red (light)
  • Green (light-medium)
  • Blue (medium)
  • Black (heavy)
  • Silver (heaviest)
  • Gold (heaviest)

Resistance Ranges

  1. Yellow – 1-6 pounds of resistance
  2. Red – 2-7 pounds of resistance
  3. Green – 2-10 pounds of resistance
  4. Blue – 3-14 pounds of resistance
  5. Black – 4-18 pounds of resistance
  6. Silver/Gold – 10-40 pounds of resistance

thera-band color resistance chart in pounds

Recommended muscle groups

  • Yellow – shoulders, shins
  • Green – biceps, triceps
  • Red – legs, chest, back
  • Blue – legs, chest, back
  • Black – legs, chest, back
  • Silver/Gold – legs, chest, back (rarely used in rehabilitation)