Bringing OT Dude into Web 3.0 / Meta – OT Dude Store Updates

I am excited to continue to create content and provide a resource for the occupational therapy community under the brand OT Dude.

Most of you who know me personally probably know that I am very “techy”. I hope to continue to bring modern technical and upcoming technologies to not only my brand, but to the field of occupational therapy as well as I believe technologies will play an integral role in not only our lives, but profession as well. For occupational therapy to continue to relevant, it needs to be an earlier adopter of technologies that can benefit us as a society to bring meaning and function to our lives.

A familiar example of this is the pandemic that caused (and will continue to cause shutdowns) due to spread of not only the original strain but newly mutated variants. Technology was the answer to our barriers – Zoom, working from home (over the Internet), Telehealth, mHealth, and so on. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Today I listened to a very inspirational podcast on Web 3.0 and Meta. Some of you may have already noticed the rebrand of Facebook to Meta. It will be very interesting to see how this play out as Facebook has been and will continue to be a very controversial company in our society.

But I thought to myself, I have a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies – I mine it, invest in it, and read about it frequently. Why not accept crypto on the OT Dude Store?!

I am excited to announce that OT Dude Store now accepts cryptocurrencies as payment for my products.

Yup, I now take BTC, eth, DOGE, etc.

Rest assured, your money is secure and will get to me as I went with Coinbase, one of the most trusted and leading players in the cryptocurrency space as a payment processor. The checkout process will be very familiar to you if you have used other payment gateways such as credit card or Paypal services.

Thank you for the continued support and I am excited to bring not only OT Dude into Web 3.0 and the Meta but to inspire other occupational therapy educators, practitioners, and researchers as well!

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