June 6, 2019

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I have been toying with the idea of creating a website based on my career. As an occupational therapist, there are many resources out there for new graduates, but they dwarf in comparison to other practices such as Physical Therapy or Nursing. I noticed a gap in tools such as rehab calculators, intervention ideas, and guidelines for new practitioners and students — that were not behind a paywall.

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My main focus has been still creating and adding calculators. Currently, I am adding the ones most often used in therapy. As I get bored of adding them (it can be very tedious!), I will focus on some other side projects.

With the phase out of FIM, I would also like to start a new project on tools to help current users of FIM and new users of the CARE / IRF-PAI replacement get acquainted with the changes. Although the scale is simplier, there are of course some subtleties and specifics for OT, PT, ST, RN. My main focus will be IRF as I work in ARU, but will aim to add SNF as well, since most new graduates will likely work in these two settings.

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I am also adding content that new practitioners may often find themselves referencing, e.g. abbreviations. Check back for weekly updates.

This side-project has inspired me to pursue knowledge through research.  It also reminds me to continue learning from my patients, their families, and the community.



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