My OT Wiki – I Created an OT Wiki for Occupational Therapists!

New Project!

I have been very busy these last few weeks working on several side-projects at once.

I am proud to announce that My OT Wiki is LIVE!


What is My OT Wiki?

My OT Wiki is an occupational therapy wiki.

If you have ever used Wikipedia, My OT Wiki looks and feels very similar to it. I decided to create an OT Wiki as a side-project from OT Dude because I wanted to create a resource that was more reference-based. While has a lot of resources, some of my content contains opinion, interventions, or other random stuff.

My OT Wiki is intended to be a central resource to quickly reference OT terms, conditions, tables, and so on, just like Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia exists, it is very general and not specific to the field of occupational therapy. It has also gotten very big and cluttered.

User-Submitted Content

The main feature of a Wiki, like My OT Wiki, is anyone can start a new page and make edits. While initially, I imagine that I will have to create a lot of the content myself, my hope is that it becomes popular enough, especially for students and new grads.

As it grows, my dream is that occupational therapists from around the world will contribute to it and it becomes a valuable resource for the OT community. It would be very rewarding to see My OT Wiki show up on Google searches for occupational therapy-related terms in the future.

I want it to be 100% legal (no plagarism, copyright infringement, etc.) and users to cite their sources, just like Wikipedia.

See you all on My OT Wiki!