Stretching Contraindications for Occupational Therapy

Woman stretching right knee

Contraindications for stretching include recent fractures that are still healing, acute inflammation, active infections, tissue trauma such as hematomas, pain with joint movement, the presence of a bony block limiting joint motion, joint hypermobility, stretching leading to joint instability, or compromising an individual’s functional abilities. Learn more about why each is contraindicated for occupational therapy.

Isometric vs Isotonic vs Isokinetic – Occupational Therapy Foundations of Practice

Root word meanings Isometric – same length for muscles. Isotonic – same tension. Isokinetic – same speed throughout the movement. Isometric In isometric exercises, the muscles do not shorten or lengthen. These exercises are often referred to as static. For example, a person may hold a plank position and therefore no muscles shorten or lengthen. Other isometric … Read more