An Exciting New Project and OT Dude Updates

Hi everyone,

I am excited to announce that I will be creating an NBCOT® Exam Prep course that will be provided for free and ad-supported to occupational therapy students. As this will take a significant amount of time, research, and commitment from me, I will be devoting most of my energy to this project. So this means that I will be taking a break from the Podcast, YouTube, blog posts, social media, and content creation of other resources. You may see some posts from me periodically, but probably not as frequently as before.

This course will be primarily text-based for now. I am looking at options of either recording it as audio or using a natural-sounding text-to-speech solution to be able to listen to the content instead of reading it on the screen. Unfortunately, this will either cost me a lot of my time or some of my investment – neither of which I have at this time. I also hope to record them as videos with visuals to improve learning. What the course will have are quizzes per lesson to test your knowledge of the subject matter. I am excited to include these quizzes as I think they will help a lot with reviewing the material. It should work on mobile as well and the most functional features are the ability to save your progress, learn lesson by lesson in order, go out of order, and be able to connect you with a study group in my chatroom.

So things will be a little quiet around here, but that does not mean I am not still active or working on something for OT Dude. I like to put intense 100% focus on my projects instead of switching between different ones as I find that I get more done overall.

I will be posting updates in the future. I am not even sure how long this will take as there are many subject areas for 1 person to do. Hopefully, I do not quit halfway! But I am extremely ambitious to provide such a resource to the OT community to complement other free ones such as OT Miri and OT Exam Prepper.

I appreciate all the continued support. I periodically receive feedback from my audience and have overall received positive comments regarding my resources. While I primarily enjoy blogging, I have decided to put my energy and focus into one of my earlier goals – to create a comprehensive free resource for the NBCOT® Exam.

If you would like to buy me some coffee to keep me awake for this project or just help out in general for OT Dude resources, you can Venmo me at @otdude

Other things going on in my life

  • Just got rear-ended two days ago with my entire family in the car. I was very disappointed because I was still recovering from my 2 slipped discs and this kind-of set me back a bit. I am hopeful though!
  • Taking care of my little one who is 9 months.
  • Continuing to learn stenography and hoping to type much faster.
  • We are doing some backyard work to prepare it for my little one when he learns to walk.
  • Continuing to listen to my music – lately have been into Lo-Fi, seeing my friends and family, and staying positive through this pandemic.

Thank you, take care, and stay safe!