OT Dude’s Study Group – A Chatroom for the OT Community

One thing that I felt like was missing was a community for our users. In particular, the occupational therapy is very supportive and friendly.

Lately, I have not been on Facebook and I know that some people do not use it. These days, it seems like chatrooms aren’t really that popular as before. There is Discord and other platforms, but I wanted to make something simple for users to use which has the basic functionality of allowing anyone without too many additional barriers or steps.

The OT Dude Study Group is a chatroom where users can discuss occupational therapy subjects such as NBCOT® exam prep or material they are learning in OT school – no registration, logging in, or any special software is required. It simply works on your browser.

To prevent spam by bots, you will be prompted to enter a password before entering the chat.

Join the Chatroom

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