Personal Factors as Context | Occupational Therapy

When we think about context, the environment often comes to mind first. However, the personal context is also another thing that we should consider for our clients. In the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (OTPF-4), context is “a broad construct defined as the environmental and personal factors specific to each client (person, group, population) that influence … Read more

Best Top-Down Assessment for Occupational Therapy

What is a good research-based top-down assessment to use? First of all, I think it’s awesome that you are looking at top-down assessments instead of bottom-up ones for occupational therapy practice. Research continues to provide more evidence for the effectiveness of top-down approaches compared to bottom-up ones. For example, one systematic review titled, ‘Effectiveness of paediatric … Read more

Current Trends in Occupational Therapy Practice (2021)

#1 – Telehealth and mHealth 2020 saw a spike in “telehealth” Google search and this is no doubt caused by the pandemic and the initial lockdowns around the world. Notice how after the spike for telehealth, searches for telehealth continue at a new floor just under 25 on the interest over time scale. (A value … Read more