Top Ways to Improve Commodes for Toileting

Let’s talk about commodes Commodes are a wonderful piece of DME for toileting. They can be quite versatile, e.g, 3-in-1, are portable for use by patients in facilities and in the home. Some variations of commodes include drop-arm commodes, bariatric commodes, and technically a rolling shower commode counts as one. In my head, I have … Read more

An Occupational Therapist’s Honest Opinion on the Snoo Bassinet (With Some Research) – Response to Another Occupational Therapist’s Opinion

An unbiased occupational therapist’s perspective.  The Snoo: Get it or Not? I like to do deep dives into my topics and always try to include some research from the literature. “From 2012 to 2014, CPSC received reports of 284 deaths among children younger than age five associated with, but not necessarily caused by, nursery products. … Read more

The Value of the Occupational Therapy Profession and the Risks of mHealth and Amateur Advice

This will be a long post, but offer some valuable insight and lessons I have personally learned as well as from what I am seeing from family, friends, and on the Internet recently. One of my good friend’s father is demonstrating signs of late-stage dementia. He asked me if I had any recommendations for bed … Read more

Being an Occupational Therapy Practitioner With Mental Illness and Physical Disability

Commonly asked Question: Any OTs out there with a mental or physical disability? Introduction Many people have asked on the Internet if there are any occupational therapy practitioners (OTP) who have a mental illness and/or physical disability. I would estimate that there are probably more OTPs with mental illnesses than with physical disabilities. This is … Read more

My COVID-19 PTSD & Stories

As my wife has just left to do a 2nd COVID-19 test, my anxiety has shot up again. The last time this happened, I was at work and it was bad news. We ended up isolating from each other for weeks. This was when the CDC did not really give clear guidelines and before the … Read more

Sara Stedy Stedy Stedy, Sara STEDY

Sara Stedy Fail E-mail

…Sara Stedy. On another note, the Sara Stedy is a wonderful device. I have used it for toileting, bed transfers, chair transfers, shower transfers, standing balance exercises, and as simulated grab bars. They are super easy to clean and the brakes work really well. One thing I always forget is to leave enough room on … Read more